Our Engagement

  • It Takes a Village

    April 1st, 2016 - no...seriously.... Gina and I had picked out rings weeks before, but left the official ask somewhat unplanned.  While I was away on travel for work Gina let me know that my ring had gotten sized and was at the house.  Now the game was on....which one of us was going to officially ask first?  One thing I knew, is that I wanted to WIN and propose first, and new Gina - as a habitual planner - would probably give me a month or two of grace period before taking matters into her own hands.  

    Somewhere between me texting her that I was boarding the plane and pulling up in front of the house, we had decided to exchange rings, I guess we both felt a need to sparkle sooner than we thought!  While in the air - thank you Delta in flight wifi - I rallied together some of my family and closest friends to ask them to help me with a little surprise.  My sister-in-law, Divine, had the idea originally, and we took it a bit farther.  

    I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life who have made me who I am today, and who will help celebrate this, and many other milestones in my life....fortunately, Gina feels the same way, and said "yes" to all of us!!!

    Added by Amy on Fri, Jun 24th 2016