Wedding Party

  • Chase Jaz

    Chase and Amy met at work and have been great friends ever since.  They share a love of fashion, online shopping, and local color commentary; they have perfected the prom pose, and Chase will always be Amy's first line of defense against those overly aggressive birds at the Bronx Zoo!!!

    Amy was honored to be a part of Chase's recent wedding to Andrew Jaz and is so honored he can return the favor.

    Added on Fri, Jun 24th 2016

  • Juan Carlos Pesqueira

    Juan and Amy met more than ten years ago through mutual friends.  Lovingly referred to as Amy's "hubby", Juan has been Amy's partner in crime for many adventures over many years.  Artist, tattoo lover and tater tot connoisseur, he is truly one of Amy's best and longest friends. 

    Amy is so excited to start this new chapter in her life with Juan there to celebrate with her.  

    Added by Amy on Fri, Jun 24th 2016

  • Veronica Lee Isaac

    Veronica and Gina met at Con Edison's TLC more than 16 years ago.  Ever the “big sister”, Veronica has always been at the ready to clutch those pearls and come to the rescue.  A lover of good tailoring, Veronica became fast friends with Gina despite her jeans, steel toed boots and guttermouth.  Years later, Gina became the godmother to Veronica's two boys - Ambrose and Alphonse, affectionately known as AJ and TJ.

    Gina was at Veronica’s side during her wedding in 2007 and is honored to have Veronica at her side now. 

    Added on Mon, Jul 4th 2016

  • Amanda DeCesare

    Amanda and Gina met more than twenty years ago in freshman year at Manhattan College.  Both studying Civil Engineering, they have been best buds from Statics and Calculus through Structural Steel & Reinforced Concrete.  Through the years, Amanda was a true friend that was always there.  Amanda always said that she lived vicariously through Gina's travels and she has the magnet collection to prove it!

    Gina is so excited for this special day to come and couldn't imagine it without Amanda beside her.  

    Added by Gina on Mon, Jul 4th 2016